When you are ready to leave the Orlando International Airport (MCO), will need to select your ground transportation.

I will cover your ground transportation choices. The rates that I list are not guaranteed, everyone has fluctuating prices. The actual rate will be determined when you book your choice. The rates will give you a reference between the variety of choices that are available.  As per GREATER ORLANDO AVIATION AUTHORITY GROUND TRANSPORTATION RULES AND REGULATIONS all of the transportation selections will need to be scheduled in advance, except taxi, and Uber/Lyft.

Taxi – (1-4 passengers) To get a taxi at MCO walk out from the baggage claim, go to the taxi line, and pick your taxi. The taxi rate to Port Canaveral will be about $120.00.

Private Car/Limousine Р(1-16 passengers) Private Car or Limousine need to be scheduled  as per GOAA. This would be your personal service, stop and go where ever you want. The cost for Private Car/Limousine is charged per hour. You would pay about $125.00+ depending on the number of passengers and the car that you need..

Uber / Lyft – (1-6 passengers) Your cost will vary if you select X, XL, or Black and surge rates. You never know what type of car you will get X can be a small sedan $65.00. XL might be a mini van or SUV $90.00 or if you would like Black $155.00 You order on the app, you walkout and ride on your schedule.

Cruise Line Transfer – (1-40 passengers) You will have to ride on their schedule, you may have to wait until they are ready to go. The fare is $35.00-$40.00 a person, one-way. So, for a family of four, it can cost over $150 to take the cruise line transfer.

Private Van Shuttle – (1-11 passengers) You can reserve your van service and ride on your schedule. You will get dropped off at your ship, EASY. You will pay $20.00 – $25.00 per person, group rates available for a lower per person rate.

Airport Hotel Shuttle – (1-10 passengers) The hotel will likely pick you up for free. You will not get to the Port Canaveral cruise ship terminal. If you fly in early or if you want to be near the airport before you fly home, this is another option.

One-Way Rental Car – (1-8passengers) The cost will vary by the date and time, and the size and type of car that you reserve. You may have to pay $100.00 per day. Some of the rental agents are in the terminal, others will have to come and pick you up with a shuttle. There are no returns at the port. You will have to drop off near Port Canaveral and they will shuttle you to the ship. This is a good choice if you have time to enjoy Port Canaveral, FL, Cocoa Beach, FL, or any of the Space Coast destinations.